Bite work with Atlas and Callisto at the Pedigree Canine Training Facility
K-9 Protection Training
Obedience Training
Obedience Training
Homestay Boarding (no cages)
Homestay Boarding (no cages)
Agility Training
Agility Training

Our Services

We aim to become your dog’s most trusted Canine Service provider. We provide premium canine services throughout the UK and across the world. These services include;

Basic, Advanced and Elite (off-leash) Obedience 

Basic Obedience provides puppies and untrained dogs with a baseline level of structure in their lives. Basic obedience can also be considered as the key stone to all future training aspirations, teaching your dog how to learn. Basic Obedience is instructed on-leash with no distractions to a semi-conditioned state. A Pedigree Canine Basic Obedience puppy or dog will achieve Canine Good Citizen Status. Duration 3 weeks. 

Advanced Obedience is a fully conditioned programme including the commands of basic obedience plus over a dozen more, off-leash in safe areas and on-leash in unsafe areas with medium level distractions. Duration 3 months. 

Elite Obedience represents the leading edge of canine capabilities and provides our valued clients with the highest level of obedience training possible, with a fully conditioned off-leash programme of up to 22 commands. An Elite Obedience dog is trained to the same standard as a military working dog in terms of perfectly reliable obedience. Your dog will still be your dog, just the best possible version, fully physically motivated and intellectually stimulated, representing the Shangri-La of the canine world. Duration 6-8 months. 

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Agility Training

Agility is the backbone of all working dog or behaviour modification training because it's maing purpose is to promtote confidence in the dog and the trained ability to make calm, correct decisions in high energy (potential survival based) situations. Agility allows the dog to forgo their natural urge to seek the most efficient, least energetic, route under or around an obstacle. In addition, agility promotes balance, agile responses, confidence by allowing the dog to understand that it can achieve things that it previously thought unattainable.


Behaviour Modification and Socialisation ( Rehabilitation of reactive; aggression/fear response/anxiety)

Behaviour modification represents the most complex of all dog training disciplines and must only be carried out by industry experts, attempts to achieve behaviour modification without the assistance of an expert will simply regress the dog and further exasperate their reactive disorder. Our Kennelmaster takes care of all dogs requiring behaviour modifiction training and has the years of experience coupled with a wholistic understanding of canine psychological behaviour, physiological responses, biology and welfare requirements. It is only when a dog is looked at uniformly as a whole that one can properly interpret the origins of their behaviour and how to achieve balance in the dog. The dangerous dogs act 1994 requires all dogs and owners to be always perpetually in control within England and Wales. so If your dog suffers from any kind of disorder, don't hesitate to get in touch as pedigree canine will gladly offer a lifeline to any dog requiring behaviour modification,  rehabilitation and in most cases can achieve balance in the dog within 3 months.

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Working Dog Programmes

Pedigree Canine have gained worldwide recognition in providing K-9 Family Protection Dogs. We are perhaps the only K-9 training company in the World that provides family protection dogs with a default temperament of balanced and approachable, safe to interact with whether you're a small child, elderly person, squirrel or cat. Sourced from the world's best Kennels selected for their impeccable welfare standards and excellence in hereditary genetic lineage. Our dogs are socialised from birth so that they develop as perfectly balanced, social and gregarious working pets. Of course, their secondary attribute is their protective role within your family and a Pedigree Canine Certified K-9 is able to manage both roles seamlessly and simultaneously. Our K-9's are dependable, fully conditioned and extremely able family protectors, aknowledged as the best possible security option when considering the safety of your family.

Pedigree Canine uses the scientifically proved training method of Operant Conditioning. Despite popular belief, Operant Conditioning is the only scientific, double blind tested and repeatable, method of animal training. For this reason, it is the method used by industry trainers, police dog trainers and/or military working dog trainers. Operant Conditioning relies on the fact that every sentient creature on the planet will always and perpetually choose reward over consequence. Pedigree Canine only uses vocal correction, never physical.

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Puppy Selection

We provide the finest quality Domesticated Pedigree Puppies and highly driven Working-Class Puppies with expert presale guidance and advice about the most suitable breed to match your requirements and lifestyle. Pedigree Canine Puppies are sourced exclusively from the world’s top breeding kennels selected for their excellent welfare standards and genetic hereditary perfection. 

Homestay Boarding

Our 5 Star Homestay Boarding Services actively reduce the stress and anxiety a dog can feel when their owners are away, a home away from home for our customers' V.I.Ds (very important dogs). Boarding is an excellent option for dogs that rarely spend time with or become anxious about other dogs due to what's known as the 'crowding effect'.

Homestay Boarding provides your dog with a home away from home during any period of owner absence. We do not use cages or crated enclosures (except in cases of Reactive Aggression or in cases where the puppy/dog chooses to prefer to sleep inside one). Your puppy/dog's will experience an almost seamless transfer from their home location to their trainer's home location, free to roam in the safety of a supervised, enclosed and safe environment as they would normally be used to.
The most beneficial aspect to the Pedigree Canine Homestay Boarding experience for your dog is the opportunity to run freely with a dog pack (those dogs from other clients as well as our specialist certified Kennelmaster's own dogs' that are concurrently on-site with your dog's boarding period). An introduction to Pack Dynamics, etiquette, rules, regulations, regime and heirachy are all essential aspects of proper canine development. As such, the best instructors in proper Pack Dynamics are, therefore, the dogs themselves. Your dogs will interact far more safely with other dogs after their stay with us.
You go away confident that your dog will be cared for by the absolute best canine welfare officers and that their training continues uninterrupted, maintaining routines and consistency. You'll return home to a happy, healthy and well balanced (not to mention better trained) dog.
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We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friends to the Pedigree Canine Family soon!  

Our Team

Our team is made up of canine devotees. Our in-house motto “Dogs First Every Time!”. We are experts in our chosen fields from Kennel Masters to Animal Welfare Officers and provide rigidly reliable, capable, highly professional expert and trusted services to our valued customers and their cherished dogs’.  


Mr. Leander Clifton

Kennel Master and Owner

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Peter Storner

Head Trainer

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Kelly Hunt

Welfare Officer and Instructor

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Tom Smithfield

Homestay Boarding Manager

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