Dog Canine Obedience

At Pedigree Canine we work closely with our clients to help you understand and learn about your dog’s behaviour through accurate interpretation of their physiological processes, cutting edge canine sciences and canine body language. We instruct owner/handlers on the proper development of a canine appropriate environment, promoting above all, Pack harmony, tolerance, proper energy management, resulting in your dogs balanced response and the default temperament of calm confidence. We instruct owner/handlers on how to best promote themselves as entitled, convincing, pack leader in a way that their dogs will not only understand but, crucially, fully respect also. We leave you with a dog that seeds their survival to you resulting in the hard worked at end goal of a symbiotic relationship betwixt human and canine, truly; Man’s best friend.


Obedience Training Programmes:

  • Basic Obedience: The foundation course for all future training, all dogs should certify in basic obedience ranging from your family pet all the way through to Military Working Dogs. Basic Obedience teaches dogs how to learn, positively associates training and imprints a base line of deference, subordination and respect towards humans as well as beginning to learn how to safely interact and socialise with other dogs. Basic Obedience has 7 essential (canine good citizen) commands and up to 3 non-essential preparatory commands which set the dog up for further learning into advanced or elite obedience, or indeed, through to a working role if appropriate.
  • Advanced Obedience: Instructs dogs to perform to semi-conditioned, reliable, response over a 10 to 12-week training programme. There are 16 commands, among which are more complex versions of their Basic Obedience with added reliability at distance or increased duration, along with more complex advanced commands including road safety, introductory etiquette, off leash control in safe areas like an enclosed space or park, perfect heeling in your dog’s working environments and with real-world high-level distractions.
  • Elite Obedience: Full off-leash control in all environments, 22 commands full conditioned response, off-leash road safety, off-leash introductory etiquette, off-leash heeling, Canine Salute; plus, many more highly complex commands all trained with real-world high-level distractions and generalised to all environments.